Clients can take advantage of a free styling service for their session through style & select - receive a custom link to help you choose your outfits upon booking!

Tips from Haley

Use the colors of the current season to inspire you. Look at the colors of the current season (spring, summer, fall, or winter) to plan your outfits. Neutrals are always safe for any season, location, or time of day.

Don't be afraid to add different textures to your outfits. Consider adding accessories to make your outfits reflect your personality and add interest to your overall look. Different fabrics always add nice variety to your photographs.


Limit the use of patterns. As someone who has eclectic style I LOVE patterns, but they can be a bit distracting in photographs when you want the focus to be on you. If you are going to use patterns limit it it to one or two articles of clothing or find simple patterns so you don't blend in or get lost in the surroundings around you.


Avoid characters or text on your clothing. Trademarked symbols have a tendency to draw the eye directly to them rather than the person who is wearing them. Similarly, patterns, text, or recognizable characters on clothing can be distracting to the main focus, you.

Most importantly, wear what is comfortable for you and makes you feel confident. When you feel good in the clothing you wear to your session, it shows! ♥