Capturing the magic of Bloomington, IN

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hello, friend!

I'm a wife and mama of three little girls and I understand so much wanting to hold on to memories for as long as possible because life, as you know, moves at warp speed.

When I'm photographing my people they exist as themselves with no pressure to perform. I stand on the sidelines and watch the magic as it unfolds because I know that the unscripted moments are the ones that I will want to remember forever.

As my clients and friends this is exactly what you'll do with me. With my camera in hand, we'll have some fun capturing the seasons in your life that you'll want to recall with vivid recollection for years to come.

I can't wait to help you share your story.

you can focus on being you

through high energy, natural direction, and positive affirmations i'll capture the incredible moments of your life.